Fun Legal-Type Facts: Gryphon Masters is based on an idea by Anne E. Gipple and R. L. Mroczkowski and is written, arted and webmaster-fied by Anne E. Gipple. All characters, art and web content are copyright (©) Anne E. Gipple and is not to be copied, reused or reposted without written permission. Gryphon Masters is associated with and is hosted by AngelTowns.

Historical Mythology: The mythology of GM, as with a lot of modern fantasy, is a mixture of the mythology of a lot of different cultures from around the world throughout history. It'll be heavier in Greco-Roman, Celtic and Egyptian, because like most American college students, those are the cultures I am most educated in. Occasionally I'll put a particular spin of my own on a known legend for plot purposes, and I'll have a section to explain things when that happens. This section will also contain explanations of original mythology, such as the religion of the Neysai, but since none of these issues have come up yet the section does not yet exist. ^_~

More uninteresting stuff: The original idea was conceived c. 2001 and was conceptualized and researched for the next 3 years before I finally set up a website and began production. The first page was drawn at San Diego Comic-Con 2004 while waiting for a panel to start. A year later, the website went down due to an error by the domain name hosts. I whined for 5 months with no response before eventually sucking it up, getting a new site (from a different host) and creating the website as you see it today.

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